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Restoration baths

Старая ванна You strongly tired old oblupivshayasya bathroom, one of which simply going? Enamel long lost glamour, and in some places sterlas and covered with cracks? Velas poison so that it is no lead? How do the same? Buy a new bathroom or cover old paint? Let us reflect.

The first thing to do is to assess the state of the bath. If the enamel is Make appeared chipped and cracked, the color is not white, and gryazno-ryzhy, in a bathroom could inject a new lease of life, otemalirovav it again. In the case of cracks and deformation shell bath chips on the ground discharge or inconsistencies in the level of the new with the old drainage pipe openings, which means Bath have to be changed completely.

Now look at the financial side of the issue. A comparison of two tables, one for the minimum price of new equipment, in another cost-enamel.

The conclusion is obvious : emalirovka old baths will cost much less than buying new. Indeed, it would require only one bank enamel maximum of 300 rubles. The wizard and restore the old baths, and install a new will cost roughly the same. In addition, to install a new bathroom, it must first bring and buy, and then break out the old unit, which would inevitably lead to the replacement of tiles, pipes and other expenses.

Of course, industrial process emalirovki different from "home". The production of iron and hot bath heated to the inner surface uniformly applied napylyayut powder. The effects of temperature and eating it melted, becoming enamel. But production emalirovka already served a legitimate 15 - 20 years, and steel shell bath-yet. So throw it simply pity. Maybe indeed better meet its new enamel?


Эмалировка 1. Mechanical cleaning of the surface of the bath
2. Degreasing surface
3. Removal of degreasing
4. Marking the first layer of enamel (J)
5. Causing a second layer of enamel

There are currently three "home" emalirovki baths. It can be bought enamel, causing her own brush. You can request the services of professionals (meaning the same method of applying paint brush). You can find companies that are enamel spray method. But before we look at each of these options, you should say a few words on the stages emalirovki bath because all three cases they are the same.

Эмалировка 1. First, the inner surface of the bath clear from the old enamel. This brush or scouring powder are cleaning type "Pemolyuks" (not chlorine composition), and directly to produce powder careful trimming abrasive stone. Then wash off with water and abrasive aggregate soapy film.
2. Purged rust and roughness, as well as carefully obezzhirivayut surface.
3. Give hot water bath for 5 to 10 minutes, then pump water and dry sweep nevorsistoy cloth. After the bath preparations must be dry, smooth and slightly opaque.
4. Since then prepare a working group (Compound Mix and enamel).
5. Apply the first layer of enamel (J).
6. Are dry.
7. Apply a second layer of enamel.

That's all. The entire process takes 3 to 4 hours.

Care for the bathroom after emalirovki

Reconnect otemalirovannuyu bathroom cleaning powders can wash Pemolyuks "type" and "Comet". Not recommended funds containing acid, for example, "Silit". The best way to clean a bathroom soap, washing powder means or means for washing dishes fitted to a sponge or soft cloth. Keep the surface of the bath varnishes, including hair. Zamachivat linen in the bathroom can be restored, but preferably without bleach.

And now look, what the pros and cons of the three options emalirovki to which we have referred.

Self emalirovka bath

At first glance, the self-absorbed new bathroom paint and simple in principle, of course, you can. The instruction emalirovke detailed itemized in the bank with enamel-read and do. But, as in any case, there are some technicalities. Indeed, the new enamel is not simply "old-zakrashivaet" it must be well prepared only skimmed the surface. Otherwise enamel will not be grasped.

So have patience, water resistant paper or abrasive grinding stone and methodically, centimetre by centimetre, T27 old enamel. If the cause enamel brush, doing this is a very carefully-on the smooth surface for you will depend durability enamel. The two layers are in a flat brush natural cloth. The first layer takes no more than half white. The second tier are 10 - 15 minutes.

But keep in mind - and traces bubbles unacceptable! Otherwise, the new enamel is wrong once dry. And remember that enamel to cook with pharmacies accuracy rather than eye! That is why entrust their bathroom professional still easier and safer.

Hence the conclusion : for emalirovku settled to the bottom of their own, can certainly save money on the work of masters, but to spend lots of time and effort, zachischaya old enamel and gently trying to undermine the new. Yes it is unclear whether it is done as it should : it requires special tools and skills.

In general, it would be theoretically possible to emalirovku independently, but in practice do so qualitatively quite difficult.

Professional emalirovka bath

Here, too, is not so easy. In my personal experience I can say - just difficult in the first stage : a problem to find reliable companies that perform similar quality work and was responsible for what it is doing. Phone companies for ads, as it turned out, did not give any result : employees such as a vaguely answer questions and tell prevaricate. What would it?

The point here is what. As I said, essential to the durability of the new enamel-correct preparation of the surface. And specifically, a thorough cleaning. Lack of training often leads to disastrous results : enamel in a few months will exfoliate. Alas, this makes efficient processing, not all firms.

And those companies that work on the conscience of a very reluctant to give. In one very successful company, not the first year successfully restavriruyuschey bath on the composition of the enamel work, and how I have to turn gates : "Sorry, but we can not tell anything. We shall not allow the Department of Defense, because we use space technology. " Here is how the case. Almost a State secret. The people and passes by word of mouth phones audited companies. In order to gather the necessary knowledge, I also asked friends and acquaintances. A month bothersome reminders someone remembered that someone's aunt knows the phone I need "verified" firms. Callers her, she called her neighbor to make, the more they wanted someone, and, finally, I received the long-awaited phone.

The company explained that the order is as follows :

1. You call the company and tentatively agree with the foreman of the inauguration and the desired colour enamel. Typically, a call to a wizard in your home is 4 to 7 days.
2. Master works 3 to 5 hours. Bath dries 48 hours, but could not use it for the next 5 to 7 days.
3. Payment is made after hours. As a guarantee you have an act of "surrender - acceptance" work, which is valid for one year.

Some companies are enamel spray technique, using the баллоны-пульверизаторы. This method is more reliable, but in reality this is not always the case. The experts say : a emalirovki to be sure, two (and a hole), and aerosol cans with paint Compound missing. In addition, the use of spray equipment may disjointed education streaks and uneven spread. To cover was smooth and serene, not just a raspylitel-pulverizator and powerful compressor. As for the time, and when dealing with brush, and when the dial is roughly the same.

Well, most importantly, avoid mistakes, choosing companies. There is a need to know how thoroughly master obezzhirivayut basis, how many years companies on the market and what the warranty provides for its work. You should also ask how to take care of bathroom and making it absolutely can not be done.

If you invite sputtering technology, clarify, I will bring a special master compressor. Only in this case, the method can be considered reliable. But in any case, good company should provide a guarantee for its work.

The two-pillar "Reafleks epoxy paint" the Finnish company Tikkurila "designed not only to repair old bathrooms, but for emalirovki new basins.

This can be done independently by preparing a new concrete surface of the basin as follows : Remove with a cement glue grinding, sandblasting treatment or diluted hydrochloric acid (one part strong hydrochloric acid into four parts water). Continuous surface abundantly washed with water, to dry. After all these procedures on the concrete surface will be dust and foreign particles. Then mix components Reafleks "paint". Note that the mixture should be prepared to use within 4 hours, and produce it directly in front of the wall and bottom of the pool. Paint cause moherovym roller or brush in 2-layer 4, depending on the surface being painted.

Paint should be directed at 23 ° C. The surface is ready for use in 7 days.

Acrylic liner

But, as it turned out, emalirovka are not the only way to restore the old baths. There is another option is to install a new bathroom in the old acrylic liner. Surprisingly, but I have great difficulty in Moscow have found only one company, "Moskvichstroyinvest", which specializes in the production and installation of liners.

Эмалировка Acrylic liners manufactures customized - any color and even shape. If you wish, you can quit "new acrylic bath" such panels (right)

It features acrylic material universal. The polymer termostoek, leakproof, udaroprochen, environmentally safe, easily cleaned ordinary soap. If you have old pipes in the house, there is no need to fear that rust will vedatsya in coverage, unlike tooth enamel, acrylic is yellow.

Liners manufactures customized - all colours and forms. Ready-liner simply inserted into an old bath, sostykovyvayut drainage holes and stseplyayut "with a bathroom special adhesive composition, which has caused a thin layer on both surfaces. District liner obzhimayut edges tightly baths and absolutely watertight. For all the work goes 2:00. Life-liner 20 years.

Of course, this "fine" work force by professionals. And it will not cost very cheap. But from acrylic baths are expensive (by the way, all hydromassage baths, which we called basketball, it was made from acrylic). Even not buying a bath, but its thin shell, to pay for installation. The acrylic liner together with the costs of 1430 to 1800 rubles. And yet. Although the thickness of acrylic liner small-only 4 mm, it will reduce the usable space for your "home" bath. Instead, your old vidavshaya of steel "woman" will be seen in acrylic coat is beautiful and modern.

Hence the conclusion : any of the ways you choose any one of them would be easier and cheaper than installing a new bath.

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