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Bathroom Walls

Known saying, even the walls have ears. But despite the fact that the wall does not have the ability to speak, and they speak of tastes and habits of their owners telling any storyteller! So, as they could let the wall of your bathroom?

The interest in old and good traditions. Interior tiles.

Стены ванной комнаты

The most common version of walls in the bathroom-tiles. Sold here can be myriad. Manufacturers tiles annually to the new collection, following current trends in fashion. Even the most demanding customer can find a suitable design, colour and size tiles. Through skill and tastefully chosen accessories, furniture and bathroom plumbing can be in a medieval castle with the luxury rustikalnoy furniture.

Extremely popular style tiles Travertino, in conjunction with svetilnikami-fakelami, griffin and lions maintaining sink : bathroom reminds the world of epic heroes.

Bathrooms can be done in strict, cold-tech style of the atmosphere created new collections, combined with metal kerbs and inserts, such as Trend Collection from the Italian factory CIR. You can give a bath rich or, conversely, assign it the role of a quiet corner of the family for relaxation, where all breathing harmony. The discovery of special clients and to crush the sumptuous interiors prepared factory Ceramica de Treviso, released a collection of ceramic tile combined with precious metals and precious species of wood. Great gift for fans of the royal decoration was a collection of Italian factory Decoratori Bassanesi.

Another trend ceramic fashion "is a simulation of natural materials : leather, metal, cork, bamboo and wood. In line with this trend, it is appropriate to focus on a new collection of KERAMY "Waran." This title is not a coincidence, because glossy textured surface material is very similar to the skin of reptiles.

And, of course, never goes out of fashion tiles, a simulated natural stone. For example, a mat, under a stone "tiles" Donbass "format digital cm from the" producer "- performed in bezhevo-korichnevyh colors and nobility that emphasize bright decorative boxes and kerbs are always relevant.

A series of interesting collections "Kerama Without Borders :" Kazakhstan "with mosaic islands represented in various formats and in different color solutions; Background Moldova performed in five different colors and variety of decorations that can be horizontally or vertically; Bright, move, "Kyrgyzstan", which was released in two versions : plain and under small mosaic; and "Belarus", Eddas memories of Bialowieza.

Ceramic tiles, like other finishing materials creates various optical effects. For example, it is not difficult to give a warm bath and light, using warm colours, or you increase the space of a small bathroom with a combination of mirrors and light shades of tiles.

Moreover, ceramics provides an opportunity to create their own masterpieces Kokonine art, combining different colors, using various decorations and combining different materials for finishing the bathroom. It is not necessarily stoning bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling. There are different zones and the use of ceramic tiles in the venue located bath or shower.

The thirst for the new. The walls of glass.

Стены ванной комнаты

If you recall, every new well is a forgotten old, it is not surprising huge popularity ancient steklobloka. Once they induced nostalgia his muddy blue windows, hide from the public eye, all that is happening in the sauna windows, bathrooms, kitchens and factories. Today, the building blocks transformed and taken on a new lease of life. The glass blocks are the original method of finishing any room. They help to create a decorative wall and creatively formalize wall in the bathroom.

Glass surface can be smooth, corrugated, transparent, opaque, and even color. Most sales are ceramic thickness of 7.5 to 10 cm Weight one glass "building block" from 2.5 to 4.3 kg. The form ceramic are square or rectangular.

Glass or glass bricks, a symbiosis of valuable qualities and properties of glass and bricks. Brick used for walls and partitions and a good heat material. On ceramic bricks inherited high strength. The walls of the glass behind the significant variations in temperature from 40 ° C to 50 ° C. Glass is not afraid of the water, so ideal for finishing pools, bathrooms and other areas with high humidity. Glass is off and well transmit light, these qualities have useful and ceramic. The ceramic difficult to break, which gives them an advantage over conventional glass. If you do have damage to the glass brick, it can easily be replaced without regard for the entire wall.

The search for easy solutions. Use moisture panels.

Among the most cost-effective options for finishing one of the first places are special moisture panel. This can be assembled panel or panels of plastic or MDF. Details of the wall panel commented in the article on the kitchen wall finishes (No. 3 2004g). Wall panels made of different materials : wood, from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or plastic. CPD is drevesno-struzhechnaya stove, DVP - fibreboard stove. Worldwide, known by the acronym JVP MDF (MDF) - Medium Density Fiberboard's, the translation from Arabic means "medium-density fibreboard stove."

The great advantage of wall panels - ease and convenience of installation : assemble a wall of the panel did not take much time. One major difference is mounting moisture panel pretreatment walls drying mixture. When attaching panels important to carefully incorporated all the gaps between the panels silicone sealants, at the panel did not accumulate condensation. Completed interior will range plastic plinths.

About unity with nature. Sheathing wood walls.

Not the most common type of walls, wood sheathing. This option walls best for lovers of natural beauty. The tree is the most environmentally friendly material, which can be used to finish the bathroom. If pre permeate the tree and Waterproofing of antiseptics and covering varnish, it prosluzhit than a decade. Bathroom, decorated tree, you will enjoy its natural beauty, giving the interior a unique charm and noble simplicity suburban life.

The modest charm of simplicity. Monochrome vinyl wallpaper.

Another option walls in the bathroom are moyuschiesya vinyl wallpaper. Looking wallpaper as an option of finishing the bathroom, it is worth drawing attention to their performance. Moyuschiesya not namokayut vinyl wallpaper, you can wash sponges with mild soap. To finish the bathroom can be used steklovoloknistye wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper you can paint any color, and combine the various designs of tiles and other finishing options. Monochrome bathroom wallpaper you need any special training procedures other than pretreatment silicone gidrofobizatorami. And of course, the walls should be perfectly smooth, as wallpaper by painting the ability to identify all the flaws and surface roughness.

Author : Martha Vasileva
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