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Walls in the bathroom

Ванная Ancient Romans (under the Empire) thought that the place where a perso 1000 n commits ritual, to be not just beautiful, and absolutely lush. Consider famous Thermes Rome.

Today, "how to separate LMMT bathroom?" is a much more simple, but still it needs to be addressed ...

Plastic and tiles

I do not recommend the cheapest way - finishing walls with plastic sheeting panels. The construction market their entirety, and the color can be selected by any гранит-малахит-мрамор. Here are just your bathroom will look quite as receptionist (or priest) of a certain office. It you need?

For the cheapest way to be the classic way - tiles.

The range of prices is somewhere between 200 and 900 rubles. per square metre. The most expensive tiles, Spanish, very cheap-home. However, the personal experience, cheap does not necessarily mean bad. My husband bought on the market very stylish white tiles with texture that evokes not the velvet, it is not yet a textured fabric, just 240 rub./m2 (producer-ekatirinburgsky ceramics factory). Workers then praised her, saying, soft, well-cut.

The only thing I do not like most of the domestic tiles, it is that if it is the figure he plitochke on each screen, that is the same "marble" streak will be repeated 100 times with the same angle. But mostly imported tiles are moving image, but it is expensive, ranging from 400 rubles. / M2.

The most common is tualetno-vanny design "to the kerb", or narrow horizontal strip of small contrasting colour, or simply along plitochek. Usually, the bottom put a dark tile, then at a height of 80 centimeters above the floor is made of kerb, and then light up with paroy-troykoy decorative boxes. This form 90% of modern bathrooms. During the summer, through 50 photos on these walls can be easily determined era. "Kanareyka, Hawaii and guitar." "Shkaf-kupe, and the bar next to the priest bordyurchikom."

These considerations led us and with her husband to refrain from this model fashion season. But that could offer in return?

The core zhurnalah-katalogah basically all the same idea : lower tier, SB3, the upper tier. Or just SB3.

Only once somewhere eyes amusing picture : the tiles were drawn roots books, and worked that vylozhennaya tile wall recalls the library. Not once saw a mirror tiles. Well, the same idea : to serve as a constant reminder, which is good to finally be inscribed in the whirlpool ...

A general with tiles we are somehow very boring. Well, that little texture tiles, you can understand it difficult to wash, but why not produce, say, hexagonal, triangular plate, or even with a non-geometry?

All that now appeared in the sale interesting, floor tiles in a parquet boards simulating texture tree. You can put a query or other "parquet way. Price of the ceramic flooring, from 600 to 850 rubles per sq. km. meter, but as floor area in the bathroom is not that the surface of walls afford this small luxury to any.

Now the price issue. Laying tile is $ 9-10 for the meter plus here can add tile joints (0.5 per metre), and may be included in the total cost.

Incidentally, on the floors, it should be noted that she is a two-cement, for example, Sopro (around 250 rubles. Package), and the chalk, for example, Atlas (it is cheaper to 100 rubles. , But quickly vykrashivaetsya). Added to the list of season-adhesive stamps good "Yunis plus" or "Yunis XXI century" (120 rubles bag). Also, you may want to fix the wall-$ 7-10 m2 price for the work, plus a trowel and coating mixture.


This may be pointernesney than tiles. The fact that there is a glass mosaic (ste 596 klomozaika), we recalled IKEA, it's even become a sort of fashion. There was even seen some trends. First, a popular decoration simple colors, or so-called mixtures with several color combinations. They were replaced by geometric decorations, stories of manufacturers catalogues. Then it came to a complex copyright mural.

The price of the whole mosaic can be divided into two main categories : the so-called elites and the Economy. Dear exclusive mosaic (of 25 euros per meter) is, of course, primarily Italian Bisazza.

The "Bisadzy" broad color palette (more than a hundred flowers), and there are the so-called avantyurinovaya small golden mosaic glass. Mosaic Economy can be viewed from the Chinese companies Super Glass and J & J. The price of kitaykuyu mosaic below (from $ 15 for m2), as stated, "because of macroeconomic reasons," but it is generally good. While the palette here is not that some forty-rich colors. The J & J in the same way as the "Bisadzy is, and avantyurinovaya mosaic.

There are several technology manufacturing mosaic. The most complex and 596 difficult as "Roman mosaics."

It fully manual, and is used where the review mosaic mural to be at close range, or if the image is full of small decorative items. First painted sketch, then it limited to partitioning the basis of full-size, and her bag mural. In order to put all the elements of standard modules - plitochki size 2x2 cm-kolyutsya into half, quarter, or even into smaller parts. This is hard work : the day mozaichist quilt 0.3-0.4 metres.

The cheapest way is computer graphics, or as it is called, matrix assembly.

The purpose of this technology is that the design is passed through a special program, which splits it into moduli-kvadratiki-a certain colour, and images on computer bag set.

Mixed technology, we can guess, is a combination of computer graphics and Roman mosaics. < 1000 span onmouseover="_tipon(this)" onmouseout="_tipoff()">For example, if the computer drawings scheduled delivery, they performed manually in the traditional Roman technique, as a build in the big picture. The end result is an interesting result : that the complete computer, looks more blurred, as if creating the background, but that vylozheno hand, is very clear, as if speaking to the front. This gives the effect of, and impressed by the author's work cheap.


Last invention of mankind finishing bathrooms, a new designer material called sinter. It is used as floor and wall coverings.

For those who have not yet experienced, we profile : sinter is a mineral compound of glue substance. Apparently sinter is a bright, dense, fairly large and fairly thin slab different color. The filling agglomerations may contain pieces of glass mosaic and blotches avantyurina.

Varieties sinter very much under-marble, the granite, glass aggregate from the estate, all sorts of colors, with various fillings… legislator fashion and prices in this direction - the same kind of Bisazza. It specializes in the sinter with glass fragments and steklomozaiki ava 658 ntyurina.

For all its shortcomings in the form of high prices (in the office Bisazza I do not even want to mention any figures for publication : "This expensive. Those who want to learn "), the band has one advantage-it - resistant. Heating oven to a temperature of 650 C, it can bend and absorb curvilinear walls and other difficult surfaces. For example, oblitsevat perimeter ramp baths, just repeating its contour.

Comfortable that agglomerates can be used i 596 n new buildings without the fear that after the shrinkage of homes have cracks in the material. But the same property is subject to careful storage sinter : should keep it flat plate, not to put on edge-except under its own weight, it may be deformed.

To lay the sinter no further processing of the wall or floor. All that was needed was flat surface.

Any construction team, familiar with the laying ceramic tiles and similar coatings, should easily cope with the mounting and sinter. You can sinter cut into smaller pieces and put the built form of geometric carvings, paintings storylines, words ... But elements fit perfectly, they have to be cut by special machines for cutting hard materials, using water jet.

Manufacturers insist that the agglomerations are well balanced with excellent surface, as well as the family of origin and characteristics of a mosaic. Neighborhood these materials should stress their decorative quality, and give the interior a solemn, even "rublevo-uspenskoe" voice.

However, in my opinion, "the high voice", which gives sinter interiors, it is somewhat plastmassovostyu-synthetic, it is cool.

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The author of the article : Elena Popova