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Меняем трубы You have got major repairs at his home and decided to change the old, we do not fit the new pipe, reliable and secure. Before you question arises : what to choose? Try to understand.

Currently on the market are very popular so-called "plastic" (plastic) pipes. This term integrated large group of different from those products. Moreover, even the individual characteristics of a type of plastic pipes of different manufacturers may not be the same.

The "disease" of many popular today, "plastic" tubes was reduced resistance to chlorinated water.

For example, in countries where chlorine is distributed (in the USA, for instance) have even set up specific standards on how to verify the number of plastic pipes. Note that not all plastic pipes these tests (on resistance to the use of chlorinated water) are successful. And in the Scandinavian countries, some plastic tubing from scientists and health surveillance have a question in relation to the facts separated from the walls of pipes in drinking water complex organic substances. These substances, on the one hand, does not bode well for the health, but on the other hand, promote education in the interior walls of pipes bioplenok (colonies of bacteria), to which organic matter is food.

In addition, many types of plastic pipes can be used in heating networks because their performance is not allowed to withstand certain pressures and temperatures. This is particularly true in Russia, as a professional, around 80% of heating systems in the country - the so-called "single", that is, in order to ensure a suitable temperature in the building at the entrance may be filed and served hot with temperatures over 100 degrees C.

In other words, the choice of plastic pipes need to be very careful to understand the properties of each type, and even better, and each producer.

However, the "plastic" is a valid alternative-copper plumbing pipes.

Professional installers especially appreciate the universality of copper : it is suitable for water and for heating and gas, which greatly reduces the overhead. Another important plus copper - they care about chlorinated water ... In addition, copper has bakteriostatichnosti properties that inhibit growth of bacteria colonies on its inner surface. More than a century of experience in copper pipes in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Helsinki, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland proved that the timing of safe operation of copper in plumbing and heating from 50 to 100 years.

Of course, as with any product, the media have their limitations. Thus, copper pipes in the water do not like extremes-too acidic or too alkaline water, too soft or too hard. Specialists listing all restrictions on the use of copper in the water in the body of rules.

But in the heat limits for copper pipes exist.

Standard and experience do not recommend abused unnecessarily frequent oporozhneniyami heating and advised to comply with the requirements of operating such systems. The copper heating systems are required faith and truth over 50 years.

The fans do all alone and very quickly come to like the recent so-called press-sistemy. This special copper (or made of copper alloy) press, which opressovyvayutsya with efforts in several tons around all pipes connected special press-mashinami. Such press-mashiny quite expensive, but the producers are interested in press-fitingov offer their customers at the time of installation for a minimal charge. As for the reliability and connections to ration capillaries, and press-sistem, the empirically proven that the strength exceeds that of the pipe.

Trap and subdued consumer enquiring if he tries to compare the price of copper pipes with the prices of plastics. In fact, the complete system is not just a pipe, but also a large number of connecting parts (fittings), hardware and other fittings. In the case of polymer pipes that appeared to be minor "add-on" is about 90-100% of the value of the pipes, and in the case of copper, about 30%. The same copper pipes clearly expensive polymer, particularly cheap products from Southeast Asia. In other words, the complete system with the installation of copper is very expensive systems from cheaper generic "plastic" and likely to be nearly commensurate with the cost of a full-fledged system of the best high polymers.

So, the choice of copper tube, it seems to us, is clear. However, the final word is always you : see, compare and select the best. Showpiece repairs.

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