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Ремонт ванны    Туалет Toilet Repair baths. Zakamuflirovanie sewer and water pipes

Toilet. Zakamuflirovanie sewer and water pipes

Туалет. Закамуфлирование канализационных и водопроводных труб

The single private homes in anything close to water and sewer pipes is not necessary. This need arises and two other private homes. Remain flat, where both tubes permeate space all the rooms, but the toilet alone, in particular. Just say, a kind of thick steel pipes Navy is not our eyes. How can get rid of, if not from them (that is not in our plan apartments), or even of their kind, upryatav all gross and thick "poles" for something, looking more or less of decency and not offending the aesthetic sense?

The flat old planning, in five-building, vertical pipes "poles" sewerage and water - are in a recess in the wall, opposite the door for the toilet. If this niche Spacious sufficient width and depth, the pipes must be closed shield made of wood, chipboard or plywood, which you can close with wallpaper or polymer films, and the rest niche space for constructing Poloczek, which will store cleaning materials, paint and other household items chemistry. If allowed inside the toilet, you can close the water and sewer risers, erecting a wall cabinet for the above objectives and enhancing its over flushing toilet. Just, please, if you decide to build such a cabinet, not prikolachivayte him to the wall closed. As time passes, Pipes prorzhaveyut formed holes, the so-called fistulas, will brew and it may be that we have to do it in your apartment. But with the full replacement (this is no one can escape at the time), you have a nutcracker lovingly built closets into little pieces.

In more recent planning flat poles and sewage pipes are in the corners toilet, which, of course, from a technological viewpoint, well, for easier access to them, but in terms of aesthetics it is terrible. The steel and iron terror needs to close, will not be seen. Vertical drainage pipes so close. Tape measure height toilet is the length of the board will; Width of the board is the distance from the wall to the opposite side to side pipes - the furthest part of it, plus a small margin, 1-1,5 see on these dimensions vypilivaem piece of the board, thick plywood or, in extreme cases, laminated slabs (thickness ranges from 10 to 20 mm), which will cover the front side of the pipe. The lateral side of the pipe closes another piece of the board, plywood, etc.-altitude it the same as the closing of the front. To properly otmerit and otpilit the second piece, should make its first place to close the front of the tube, and tape measure or metre distance required for that one board to go to another to edge could seal slaughter and nail two boards together.

Vypiliv second side, the board put to her by the first and 3-4 in the field pribivaem nails to a length of 70 mm, to have a strong connection, kind of bend gutters. The quality of the screens used to close the sewage and water pipes, depending on how you want subsequently precludes their tiles. If you use a mixture of cement mortar with PVA, the presence of small holes in the boards of the importance of a will, they hide under a layer of cement mortar, although in this case, and a very small but quite adequate for that. If you want to meet face boards (plywood) tiles, bringing the tile adhesive or gustotertuyu paint, then as glazhe and smoother surface will be screens, the better.

Incidentally, on the tile. All work on closing the sewage and water pipes need to make room obkladyvaniya toilet tiles, or tiles covering the toilet could severely affected by the vibrations and shocks associated with the process of drilling, driving industry, nails, etc. The resulting structure in the form of gutters put to the two boards in place. There must never forget to do it for windows hose, bringing cold water to the toilet flushing of toilets, or water, then connect to the tank will be simply impossible. The board that covers the front side of the sewage pipes, enough to 5x5 cm hole that was cast nut, krepyaschaya hose to the tank. In the same piece that covers the surface of the lateral sewer risers, should not even a hole, and a small window at least 150h120 mm, in order to be able to freely remove all the same nakidnuyu nut, which said a moment ago. The fact is that the water in our water is so clean that poplavochny or how sanitary it is called the ball-cock, then the cold water discharge pail and tends to cause. To clean it, you need to get to the innards, and to get to them, it will undo all the same nakidnuyu nut. To do that, in the window of the board would be to hand wrench.

After cutting in the right places gutters holes and openings, molest him at the scene, close to both prizhmem wall and hold each of them in pencil on the line that has been contact with the external walls of the trough. And remove the gutters, backtracking 1 cm to the corner of the planned lines, drilled along each line on two walls at 3-4 Located at the same distance from each other openings of at least 40 mm. Better drill their little bit, drill a tilting because nails in the board would have too little knocking. The holes drilled in the wall speed wooden plugs. There will be stops because in order to be able to continue to work to cut off cold water. Close the valve, which is located here in the toilet, otkruchivaem so well now we know nakidnuyu nut to discharge tank, install gutters on our place prosovyvaem hose through a hole in the front window and into the side of the gutters and connect with Cap nuts hose to the discharge tank. For now, keeping open the valve cold water can be made to consolidate our protective structure.

If you just simply pribit trench at least one nail, all corks, which should be knocking nails are securely locked body board, and we run the risk of malfunction in their God and enter a nail in concrete. To this did not happen before the gutters need to strengthen the centre of each chart a cork in the direction of gutters horizontal line, a small, approximately 5 cm Now, we put a structure in place, we can not be afraid of God, nails speed directly at the level of the horizontal bars. After pribivaniya construction of the wall was fully prepared to lining its tiles.

We described how close the vertical sewer pipes. Camouflage horizontal is exactly the same. It can be said that the horizontal drainage pipes close even easier, as it lies on the floor and fall off its board is not going to be, therefore, in principle, it can pribit the wall of a nail, or even not at all screwed. On the ground, as a result of the closure of horizontal drainage pipes after lining its tiles can be plunger and brush for cleaning toilets.

Now for the water pipes. They are located in the bathrooms on the left or right side-down, depending on whether the left or right of the toilet is a bathroom. Specifics of the closure (decorating) of water pipes is that they can not be closed, pribivaya the wall protecting the boards or bar closed. The pipes are valves to exclude hot and cold water in the bathroom and toilet. If you want to make a plumbing repair, replacement or installation of a crane to remove podtekanie at the intersection, we are closing a valve in the toilet and calmly make repairs. After opening the valve repair, and we continue to use water. If we closed close to the toilet water pipes in their closing valves to make any, even a tiny repair water (and hot and cold water) will each seek plumbing and water has closed risers (on all floors above and below your flat) with a cork crane located in the basement of your home. And if they have to be done at night and weekends, on holidays, finally? As you can see, the prospect of unpleasant.

So, given all this, turn the hot water pipes and cold water across the bathroom floor, needs to be captured by each other pieces of plywood or chipboard forming as a high rung, assigned to a wall inside and under which the tubes should be. The width of the horizontal top closing piece is selected so that it is pushed to the wall with contact strictly side of the upright. Sealed with a board or boards in the same way as last time, nails through one edge to another. To exclude tube boards are not falling, they embody this way : between the pipes and inserting a piece of wall board such a height that it is related to the interior of a horizontal closing panel. The shield stickers after he over-tile hole as in the same place where the embedded between the pipe and the wall board, after which the top board with a long screw head is mounted to the board. At retrieve from the top horizontal board shelf can be put to cleaner toilets, and odor pollution rulonchik toilet paper, but we do not need to win-drilled in the concrete wall two extra holes to secure the holder for toilet paper.

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