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Caring for plumbing

Уход за сантехникой

Caring for plumbing, which is a sine qua non of our life. In a version of it has always existed. The main purpose of this is to maintain cleanliness and prevent pollution and damage to various plumbing devices. We can assure you, if you still do not know : the maintenance of toilets in good condition extend their activities for many years. What would you live without the constant fear over the fact that "in this year's pipe prorvet necessarily." For uhazhivayte for plumbing, and you do not prorvet, and if a problem happens, you will be easily able to it, because he who does not neglect prevention, potentially ready to repair.

We, of course, will not advertise any powders, gels and liquids. Why? You yourself are well aware of this through television. We can say that cleaning our scarce. So with than others, and Russia, the deficit has never been. Patriotic worked with the chemical industry in the years ahead of schedule, and recently added to it and overseas. We recommend that you buy for your plumbing least toxic drugs. Their properties in some detail you can find out by reading the packaging labels. Let the cleansing wash or tile takes more effort, but you have been less myself, and the harmful effects of chemicals. Better longer work with a cloth and hands than earn allergic reactions bought touted "carcass" product.

Applying care of plumbing, a cleaning agent, not ignore simple safety rules : wear rubber gloves (the time needed to change), goggles and long aprons. It takes minutes, and safeguard year. To save himself plumbing, please point out what species it is a cleaning agent. The fact that some of them can remove enamel surface to the bottom, which it will begin to rust and quickly into disrepair. In any case, do not use an overdose of the detergent. It may be that you have the impression that we are passionate opponents of chemistry. It is not. Chemistry is a great science and has benefited many people. So much so that today the notion of "purity" is an disinfectant effects on arable crop, but without the chemistry is not indispensable. Yet on this issue the first claim is made not to cleaner vehicles, and to you as a user plumbing.

Do not wash clothes in a tub, a first. Second, not too lazy to wash bath not only before it wash, but after that. Never wash dishes only cold water, even if hot off. Take a large pot and Heat. This is to ensure that the wall does not wash kept fat raid, as a magnet, attracting to their every mud particles. To preventive washing toilets with two buckets of hot water. This will prevent clogging in the discharge of your apartment. When you prochischaete basin cap under the sink of accumulated in the mud, potrudites rinse it under hot water jets, produced by removing leaves and shade. Do not hurry otchistit sink or have other plumbing devices from the long dark hours. You will not be able to do so immediately, and quickly. Suppose one of the characteristic yellow of an attack is a clear sign of neglect, or where water pours more and more of a rust-coloured strip. Sprinkle the surface cleaning agent, sbryznite his slightly water and prikroyte top thin cloth. Let otmoknet mud for 20 minutes. Then vooruzhaytes ershikom or brush from synthetic fibers and schischayte raid, covering the entire surface.

Speaking of cleaning toilets, we have in mind not only the contents of toilets, but their walls. In most apartments they Tile, as it should be. Hall is one of the materials, which take up no dust, which is very important for the elements of plumbing. We talked about not stuffed in a toilet seat. This applies to the wall, which some umeltsy-izobretateli okleivayut kitchen. Wallpapers home cockroaches, at least in the kitchen. No matter moyuschiesya or not. The same is true of the cloth, it absorbs dirt and not entirely money. Please note that to prevent clogging drainage devices should not be used just vskipevshey water : it applies only to the discharge of sewage into a toilet. A plastic plate, which are in the most modern kitchens do not tolerate such hot water can be easily deformed by boiling water that lead to cancer. The kitchen sink for washing sinks in the bathroom or cleaned air is not too hot water, fired from a crane.

Care for the plumbing is a useful little actions you take on a daily basis to it. Tkackev use water-sealed valve. It is not only water savings, but also caring for vodopodayuschih devices, which are in operation in more exposed to wear, naturally. Nevertheless, we often forget that. Perhaps because water, and water is our cheap cost. But look, as was the case only a few centuries ago, and no less, and the royal family of the French State. Thus, for washing here filed a wet towel, even residents of Paris in the middle of the second millennium could afford only one bucket of water per person.

It is regularly cleaned crane devices, ground attack, formed by crane your head and mixers. The valve should be closed down completely and not twisting. Do not try to escape from you irritant sprays and painful daily manufacturer crane heads, much easier to replace the rubber sealing gasket or packing. In fact, caring for plumbing, is the primary culture of it. Warning : if you have acetone with expired or had a boat liquid, which you decided to get rid of, not to be empty in the toilet or sink. This will have a devastating effect on the sewer system. Color bowls or bath can vary not only from the air, but also on the sharp contrast of cold or hot water. You should bear in mind that the enamel coating and santehfayans sensitive to the temperature of water. To avoid educational yellow raid on the surface of toilets, wash or sink, rinse them with gentle cleaning materials about twice a week. That was sufficient.

Beautiful detergent to nezapuschennoy fixtures is the usual simple soda. Yellowness in the bath, you can remove with a heated vinegar vsypav a pinch of table salt. Heated vinegar is the perfect tool for removing wood raid with nickel plated and chrome-plated products, such as cranes. Another way is to cause rust on customary fat, which should leave it two or three days, then ultimately eliminate it from the surface.

Please note, there is no povredilos enamel coating in your bathroom. If so, it can be restored. And not only through masterov-professionalov as offers us the same kind of advertising. You can live with themselves. For instance this : You erase wash tub surface in a place where the destruction of tooth enamel, and then carefully dried and obezzhirivaete acetone. Now let it evaporate and cover a damaged enamel paint special stamps. Paint dries fairly long-weekly or more at room temperature. However, a short inconvenience. Likewise way restored enamel and other inexpensive, accessible materials. But you can go a different way, but here you have to raskoshelitsya. Now sold high-wire compounds in the form of aerosols, which are fully restore the damaged surface. How to use them attached.

Cracks or gaps are not uncommon for many plumbing products. You certainly have to meet, such as defects on the surface of tile, and other items. For stopping this kind of damage a special putty, called Mendeleyevsky. You can cook it by following the correct proportions. You will need 30 of rosin on 8 of wax. Wax must first melt, and rosin split into small pieces and add to the wax finish. All thoroughly mixed. The need to heat the mixture to a temperature of 130-140 ° C and leave on the fire for some time, until it disappears and the characteristic bad odour released rosin. Once this happens, gently add to the 10 parts dry Safeguarding and one of the flax oil and again all the good promeshayte until the formation of a homogeneous mass of hot. It can be cool! Immediately apply for the appointment.

Zadelyvayuschy material for the preparation of metal rail sawdust (16 units), sulphur (1), and the smell of alcohol (part 2). The components are mixed akkuratneyshim way, and immediately prior to use in putty must infuse the water so as to obtain a powder mixture is thick and homogenous mass. After causing damage putty in place, it should listen 24 hours, so do not use the putty contact with water until completely dry. Another warning : with paint tubes and batteries as a preventive measure and not try to paint the threaded joints of pipes. It can not be done for the simple reason that connect bone prikleyutsya oil paint tubes themselves, and if repairs can not be divided. As a result, rather than change a damaged parts to repair it. To prevent a threaded connections will be sufficient promazat their PTB fat.

Keep in mind that the state in which your plumbing, bound to affect the whole atmosphere flat. And in a very real sense. Excessive moisture caused by negligent treatment with plumbing, plus unhealthy mud evaporation for the same reason a severe impact on our backs. In some apartments as a result of the neglect of relationships with a chronic unhealthy odour, which residents breathe every day, causing damage to their health. So, if your toilet in need of repair, not his aside and begin until at least regularly Ventilate space, freeing it from slightly and any microbes effectively in such environments. To help give you some figures : the minimum temperature apartment is 18 ° C, in some cases, less than 20, for example, if you live in an apartment, located on the outer side wall of the house. Norma humidity in the 30 to 60% and mobility-from 1 to 0.15 metres per second. Set a special dosimetry devices, which you can buy in stores appliances, and the plumbing and care for its data standards are most pertinent. If the air in the apartment "hanging" of sewage evaporation, which is very fluid.

He therefore said of the ventilation system in the field of plumbing. We start with the kitchen. This was special, because evaporation is not only on plumbing fixtures and particularly cleaning, but also for reasons of cooking. The vent is located on top of one of the walls and closed grid. The grid can be removable or permanently, but the ventilation passage to be cleaned anyway. This is done about once a year. Easily. Using wire, curved ahead ventilation passage, you podtaskivaete debris, similar to a rough dirty wool, to the hole, remove it and threw out the litter bin. When attached to a grid is difficult, because its easy to break. Not removable mesh made of a very fragile building material. If prochischaya chimney, you damaged a pool, go home to shop and buy removable mesh, and not because of its own Make a thin metal plate. Having a home grid at the edges "ears", drill drill holes in the walls of each of the corners of the chimney vbeyte their wooden wand of oak and nut to mesh with screws.

In the same way, empty ventilation and toilets. The bathroom ventilation may not be, but in this case it is connected to the toilet window, which accumulated leave and evaporation. Particles evaporation onto the tile in the bathroom, where they are easily visible, unlike wallpaper and cloths. This is another reason why not obkleivanie walls in the kitchen or in toilets such material. Hall is to be periodically washed with hot water and soda or soft money. In the event of failure of one or more tiles kafelnyh you can easily restore season coverage. First clean the place under the tiles, neatly putty cracks and hollows, then moisten the wall, mark it is not too thick cement mortar and tile pinch him. Can and various types of adhesives and other materials.

Needless to delay the restoration of floor tiling, as a condition of tiles leads to a further upset, they gradually fall in line, because if even one tile violates equal pressure. This can occur because of obsolescence adhesive material under the tile. Therefore, restoring tile in place to check : Do not fall from nests and its neighbour. Too, however, the process is not fads, it is not dropping all surface and arrange a repair without.

Continuing to talk about caring for plumbing, draw your attention to an interesting nuance, which is not widely known. For this heating system. In fact, during the heating season in a specific apartment with a low humidity environment. Such is the nature of the water-heating it dries the air in our apartment, which leads to various kinds of disease, the causes of which we may not even suspect. To restore the necessary humidity necessarily wipe dust from your heating batteries, as well as from time to time to place their small water containers. You can use the design of the bottle. If you are not suited buy special Humidifiers air with instructions to use it. They appeared on the market and not the deficit.

An assistant in the care of plumbing would you indoor plants. It is they who will assume the role sink harmful substances contained in the condensing vapor-frequent phenomenon of our apartments. They also perfectly moisturize dry air (see above) and reduce the dust in it. We have already talked about trouble that may arise in the water by high rate of water in the central water system. You can keep their taps in the kitchen and bathroom, where each cut off water supplies will be left uncovered cranes. Of course, at this time you should stay at home. The crane fell open air, resulting in water pipes. You certainly have to face themselves and sit plyuyuschimisya water taps that were opened after the inclusion of water. These convulsions scary and painful to watch, they clutched push of a water sotryasayas to the pipeline. Crane device is a powerful air pressure, which leads to the distortion and damage of all time. Krahn, not closed off the water, it reacts to a much quieter, more often than not it is nezlobnym and quiet move, and the water begins to flow smoothly in the sink.

Remember that in the clogged kitchen sink almost always caused by the malfunction of the discharge remnants of food that falls into it when washing dishes. Therefore, without the daily wash washing (it is not necessary), Purge it from the remnants of food. Always keep in the kitchen washing protective plastic mesh, which prevents clogging siphon. Keep in mind, and another : sewers not tolerate high temperatures. This is not only cool boiled water, which was poured into ignorance sometimes wash with a plastic siphon, but external heat sources. We are talking about heaters and other appliances with high temperature heat. Try not to place them near the sewage, such as next to the same kitchen sinks.


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