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установка унитаза сиденье сидение инсталляция инструкция

The toilets

Ceramic bowl set on concrete or tile floors and attach using dowels, screws, or by bonding to the floor. Between floors and toilets paved flat rubber with a hole for the passage of direct toilets. You may also fixing toilets screwed to the Taft-a wooden board with holes for the hub, filled with concrete.

Tarelchaty marked with a toilet and flushing high-Borne :

Тарельчатый унитаз 1-waterproofing
3-water pipe

Toilet set as follows. Graduation sapling with outer grooves nail divorced icon in red lead to a tight wind Resin tuft. The winding tuft not bring to a conclusion at 3-4 mm tip to the ends do not hit the hole and bone caused pollution.

The tuft promazyvayut top red lead, and toilet set off offshoot in the hub. Check installation toilets, it privinchivayut screwed to the dowels. Beam to screw up gently to the edge otkolot toilets attached to Taft, screws before screwing nail tavotom. The ball screw head podkladyvayut piece of leather or rubber and metal plate.

Why did you come to put toilet

Flush pail attribute to install toilets on two holes. Reinforcing bolts on the wall in the dowels so that the object was strictly horizontally. Before a flushing toilet to the floor has added flushing pipe diameter 32 mm. The other end of flushing pipes mud and red lead obertyvayut linen slivers, which is the top mud red lead. At the end of the pipe wear rubber apron, which is tied to a pipe thin wire. Another end cuff vyvertyvayut and kicked at the tube.

Wooden seat bolts attach directly to the toilet. The bottom of the seat privinchivayut rubber buferki anti toilet damage in the collapse of the seat.

When filling a bowl with a direct link to a bowl directly with hub outlet pipe to be placed flush with the floor.

Set filling toilets with slashes production and vysokoraspolagaemym Borne and adherence to the toilets and piped sewerage pipes located in sanitation systems, or platforms located in the slot walls are shown in the figure. Toilet set in accordance with the assembly dimensions, as shown in the figure.

Set filling a bowl with an oblique angle of 30 ° and long shelf directly connected with a flushing toilet "Compact" is shown in the figure. Flush pail to enhance long shelf toilets two bolts. The toilet privertyvayut special fittings for attaching the seat.

Set filling toilets with flushing toilet nizkoraspolozhennym

Тарельчатый унитаз Dish unsteady in the production angle of 30 ° can connect to the sewage system in two ways. One way in which toilet dvuhploskostnomu took over the strip, which is part of sewer risers. Another way is that joins the toilet drains through the transition metal, which is part of outlet line. In the latter case, to establish the overall attitude of sewer risers.

Toilet can be used with the laying of outlet pipe above the floor or in the open window.

For unsteady stick to the concrete and tile floors widely used epoxy glue. Glue are on the supporting surface metal blade toilets in the four corners of the ground so that the total prikleivaemaya area was less than 20 cm. The thickness of the adhesive should be 4-5 mm. The toilet set on the floor and keep it close to him. To provide the necessary bonding strength, unsteady be in a state of rest at least 10-12 hours

Surfaces are preparing to install unsteady using electric tools. During the processing of this tool in the preparation of aluminium surfaces are rough, which led to a better bonding unsteady.

When using epoxy glue to the following safety rules : space, in which a charge of pipes must be fitted with a triple pritochno-vytyazhnoy ventilation air exchange; In a place used epoxy glue is not permitted to store and eating; Using glue to use protective paste hand, rubber gloves or mitts.

If skin or Compound finished adhesive wound site should wipe with acetone, and then rinsed with warm water. After working with glue, and during the recess of the need to wash hands with warm water and soap.

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