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The largest occurred in the bathroom was an object of which was to name the room-bathroom. The more rational you install it, the more places in the bathroom is for you. The bath should always be set so that it accurately included (advertising) between two opposite walls, perpendicular to the wall, where the door.

Sometimes that bought a bathroom designed to place even with a small space, often, a week, often, not just to see if 5-6 is the latest injury occurred in a private home, the problem is simple. Where bath is not, you must capture chisels plaster on the walls, prorubiv two horizontal strip about 5 cm The bathroom is in place. If you try to do the same work done in a flat, you have to say out, punching the same slot in the concrete wall. Do not be scared, even if that strikes one or even two walls, they are not flying, and the ceiling over the head, you never fall, but bathroom is cooked in its place.

If your bathroom before that was different, but you do it under our supervision moved so well, you have to re - connections to the bathroom and hot and cold water. When laying pipes to the bathroom to, that they never dealt with it. In fact, water pipes, but does not provide for this, are often part of ground or a car, resulting in him wandering various stray leakage current. In contact with the metal baths (even if it is covered with enamel, still) there is the potential difference between them and proskakivayut quite subtle pilgrims, as a result of corrosive metal water pipes. After a while, there pipes, it is generally in other places, formed hole, and pipes have to be changed.

Consider the proper bath. They made cast iron, steel and plastics. Cast iron and steel bath covered with a layer of enamel. Of the three varieties are more durable, of course, cast iron. There are four legs, attached to the tub with wedges. Incidentally, wedges and a leg in the bustle of the purchase and delivery baths very often forgotten, making and lengthens the time its installation. Steel bath set at 2 nozhki-podstavki, as well as plastics.

There is another innovative option baths. This makeshift bathroom, popularly known as a pool. Man does not want to put the size of the bathroom purchased under the bath is the opposite. The manufacturing (those who can do so), or order the shell of steel, the best course, stainless, with the dimensions fit the future owner. In the bottom of the hole is for water drainage, and in the wall above it is another opening to leave the bath water, not creating it, in general, everything, as usual. The inner and outer sides of the wall and the bottom of a tank welded metal mesh, then they can easily kerosene stove tiles. Fixed installed in the bathroom at the place, columns of bricks. The installation is a small bias toward openings for water drainage. Once the tank is installed, the entire interior and facade of obkladyvayutsya tiles, and exclusive, now say vanna- "pool" ready.

Baths manufacture it is not necessary to make sure that they were tilted towards the openings for water drainage of a stand horizontally. This is done using standard called another level. Facade of the baths usually closed brick, placing it on the edge, then oblitsovyvayut tiles tiles. It's important not to make a mistake and not a completely entire facade baths. The fact is that sewage will not penetrate, and when that happens with the sewer pipes, the waste is from your bathroom to clean them, to destroy a brick wall with tiles stuck on it, so beautiful covers sewers. To this did not happen, the facade of the baths of sewage rose removable plywood (or a DSP) board, which also oblitsovyvaetsya tiles and mounted to the front wall of the bath screwed.

In obkladyvanii walls of the bathroom tiles do not forget to "fence" that the water is not under zatekala bathroom. To that end, the entire perimeter of the bottom, where it lies on the wall of tile size in 1 / 3 of its size bag italicized "bumper" at an angle of 10-25 degrees.

In order to use the bathroom or shower water splashes from falling on the floor and objects, in the bathroom should hang curtain of plastic sheeting or other waterproof material. Suspended curtain on the boom (pipes) or solid thick Caproic splendour so that the bottom edge of his bath went inside to see 10-15 Zanaves fixed to the pipe by means of freely moving it rings. For fixing pipes thick plywood (not less than 10 mm) square removed about 6x6 cm and prosverlivayut in holes diameter is slightly more than the diameter of the pipe. The prosverlivayut in each box has two openings on 6 mm in diameter, located symmetrically on the large holes designed by tube-through them will screw fastening tubes and squares to the wall. Then, on top of otmeriv baths required distances make marks on the walls; They are willing to put a square, the site of attachment screws note here - should be sounding the cork. Technology drilling holes under corks and the malfunction is described in detail in the chapter "Kitchen", it did not make sense to dwell on it.

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