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Choosing mixer

Imagine for a moment their lives without mixers. Immediately there would be mass inconvenience and problems. Mixers serve not only practical but also aesthetic features : these small devices are designed for mixing hot and cold water, and they decorate the bathroom and kitchen. Tod bfde ay's market offers many options for mixing various designs and styles.

The appearance of the mixers and divided into single-dvuhventilnye. In dvuhventilnyh mixing temperature regulation is through the vents for hot and cold water. Such a construction traditsionna and very popular. Dvuhventilnye cheaper single-mixers. In addition, they were easier to repair. Single-mixers can easily vklyuchat-vyklyuchat crane through their multi-temperature and power supply is regulated by the valve. When going vpravo-vlevo easily configurable temperature upstream-head. The selected temperature is unchanged during the subsequent inclusion of the crane. The mode you can make with one hand, which is useful in the kitchen.

The single-mixers particular type of closure-ball. It is a ball and sleeve to secure the ball at the mixer. Ball usually made of stainless steel and has holes for the hot and cold water. Cover fixation has openings on the ball accurately. Traditional closures - rod threads and ceramic plate. Stock back in the chassis mixers and closing hole for water. Rubber seal is tight grip. Now let the laying of the most solid rubber in the long term. Ceramic valves arranged so that when turning in one direction, two holes tightly adjacent plates combined-fed water; When turning in the other direction - hole plates divorced and no water. Good polishing ceramics avoids even the slightest leak.

The design mixers are mono (izliv and valves to a whole) and dvuhchastnymi (izliv valves, and miscellaneous products). The first reliable, as well as prevent leakage into joints of the body. Mixers can be mounted in the sinks, bathtubs, bidets, or on the wall. You can select mixer with stationary or turning izlivom. The design mixers vary depending on the location. Normally, kitchen mixer has a high turning izliv that was convenient pour water in the high capacity large size. Producing as mixers with izlivom properly, allowing water to pour pots outside the kitchen.

Mixers bath low izliv. It can be as turning, and stationary. By design, the following main types of mixers for bathtubs :

  • wall of the holder for a bathroom;
  • from the top bridge and a holder for a bathroom;
  • with a holder for the soul (not "toe");
  • with a holder for the soul, adjustable in height;
  • with hand shower;
  • with a container for soap;

It is now widely available expensive mixers with electronically controlled. They begin to work through sensors that can wash their hands and avoid touching the crane. Such devices are installed to maintain the temperature, which can regulate or by electronic devices or special handles. Models for the soul to bring water when serving hands or join the shower cubicle. Some faucets equipped with a special button specifying the maximum and minimum temperature of the water, which remains unchanged, even with rings in it. Some faucets can massage shower flow and water supply air bubbles. Some models can manage to water in accordance with the capacity of different types of water (for example, pressure in the face three times less than in the bathroom) that avoids spraying water.

They can also be equipped with integrated filter. Drinking water supplied via the built-isolated channel. Most mixers manufactured from brass or chrome. Recent cheaper but less reliable. They can be decorative cover with gold (mat and excellent), bronze or marble. Brass faucets are from nickel, chrome and enamel coating. In finishing mixing can be expensive precious metals, such as a combination of chromium and gold. Today, the sale can be found mixers with built-in shut-off valves connecting home appliances. They simultaneously provide a washing machine and washing.

Each year the number of models mixing varying design. The improved built-in mechanisms and how they manage. Prices of mixers range from 800 rubles to 5000, although there were models costing above 15,000 rubles. Experts predict that domestic mixers do not yield to a low-cost overseas, and on the reliability and durability of often surpassed foreign analogues.

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