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Select a bath - is not easy, but let us, complex and cumbersome. Try to help you basic familiarity with the market bathroom in Russia ...

Cast iron bath-old friends

Выбор ванны

These baths familiar to all residents of the Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. Such baths were in the apartment that we or our parents were free from the state. Alternatives have been for many years, and many of us are even making full repairs in the apartment, and no trouble so far succeeded bathroom. To be fair, that the cast-iron bathtubs are still reluctant to use the entire world, and even if the bath and massage, in Europe it will cost you quite expensive. Why? Iron corrosion resistant, retains heat well. If you like to relax at bedtime polchasika in warm water, the bathroom for you.

Most of the cast-iron bath in the market is still domestic. Not surprising. Who are lucky abroad heavy iron bath? Moreover, the iron in our country per capita has always had more than bananas and kiwi fruit. On the other hand, if you are demanding for an enamel coating or prefer baths, the design is less suitable for the village gate last century, it imported proposals is an illusion.

Steel baths, cheap, easy and not angry.

Steel baths are cheap and easy to recovery. But this lightness and fragile : some are suspiciously solid, and, what is more, the water is poured into them with the noise that all the neighbours know when you take a bath. However, the import bath installed rubber gaskets to eliminate this effect, but gulkost still remains. In addition, steel left very quickly, and therefore not suitable for amateurs muladhara hour in the foam drink.

However, to give the steel baby-nice thing. Her drive to raise the roof ordinary "boy", tied to the luggage, and then set the house without difficulty. Steel gnetsya easily, so it makes bath completely different design.

Good bathroom wall are not less 3,5 mm. Is it, therefore, expensive. The products are of good quality German firm Kaldevay (Kaldewei). At first glance, such a bathroom is difficult to distinguish from iron : emalirovka same, but if the bottom is not visible, neemalirovannuyu part, even the specialist can do it. How do you determine that it steel? Tap on the edge - and hear characteristic "tin" sound.

Acrylic bathtubs, a new best friend?

Выбор ванны

Acrylic bath in the Russian market emerged late, but in a large number and wide variety of manufacturers. However, it appears that there is no great difference-the whole sheet acrylic bath is made to date in the Netherlands. Also in the country tulips and windmills, and the majority were born acrylic baths, which are sold in our stores. The logical question is : What are they different from each other? It turns out that class acrylic, design and layers reinforcement.

About design understandable. But with acrylic and reinforced needs to be sorted out. So, what is acrylic, or scientific, metaakrilat? Scientists say that this "synthetic polymer product polymerization of acrylic acid esters, colourless kauchukopodobnoe adhesive substance resistant to the effects of oxygen, chemicals and light. That is, quite simply, plastic.

As it turned out, a full bath is something like this : take acrylic sheet, heated and then using special vacuum chambers from the gate blown right forms. The sheet thickness varies, as a very full. The bona fide manufacturers less than full thickness of 5-6 mm. Ironically, the better acrylic, the worse it gnetsya, so the bath particularly intricate design is an acrylic himself.

Beauty requires victims

Выбор ванны

After vygnuto pool, use it as a bath is not : acrylic behaves like an ordinary plastic basin, gnetsya in all directions and head of nalitoy water, as air ball. The harvesting must diligently to strengthen or-as they say-armirovat production workers. The factory Austrian firm Pamos (Pamos), the work being done manually. Experienced Austrian masters mud bottom surface acrylic baths special version of epoxy resin, which otverdevaya has slowed vertlyavost plastics. The imposition of something reminds plaster in surgery. 2-3 layer of a mixture of fiberglass and resin-bath is the extraordinary stability. The thicker spring, the better bath. The number of segments, which strengthen the bathroom at the plant, easily identified, having carefully considered the edge of rail. Layers can be clearly seen as the annual rings of wood. You can and knock. The larger the number of layers, the sound is muffled. Sonority and subtlety is not welcome.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers save at sizes and sell you a bath to be "walking alone." The feeling, needless to say, ugly. Many buyers, pognavshis the cheapest, find "podlyanku" too late, when the bathroom beneath them suddenly turns and tons of water froth like a tidal wave sweeps away in the demise of the entire European - just finished. Thus raised questions (in the truest sense of the word) its reputation, some Turkish and Italian companies sold acrylic bathtubs in Russia.

What are the advantages of acrylic bath? What happens, for instance, if you drop in steel or cast iron bath something? Brittle enamel to secede. Moreover, the steel surface will be the same crater. Due whether it is a resuscitation? Hardly. Damaged bathroom proemalirovat can try again, but to its original image you have never return. The acrylic-needs only a little better protsarapat cracks around each division, it is acrylic paint and polish. Traces with no. Generally. The repair kits for acrylic sold in the same stores as the bath. How much would be the entire restoration is very inexpensive and very fast.

Furthermore, modern technology will give you :

  • resistance to abrasion (good acrylic bath virtually immortal);
  • thermal insulation and noise (heat water conservation and low noise with its amassing approximately the same as in the iron bath);
  • to be smoothly restored.

The choice is yours!

UnLimiteded possible design

In addition to the diversity of materials, bath shops in Moscow have many design features. It turns out that baths can be circular, square, oval and triangular. There are two baths, bath with arms and hands, and the bath with someone and transparent "windows" in the sides.

In addition, the bath today can be bought almost any color or dye custom came to a head cast. Including in "Color hip frightened animal."


Recently, the market has another new material for the bathroom-Kvaril (Quaryl) is a mixture of quartz and acrylic. Quartz increases strength acrylic, and the reinforcement is not required at all. The quartz sand grains round, and each is in acrylic capsules, the space between them is filled acrylic. Kvaril retains all the positive properties of acrylic, but unlike acrylic bathtubs from doing casting method.

Damage the surface kvarila virtually impossible : accidentally fallen in the bathroom and a trail leaves to newfangled material. Baths of kvarila harder than acrylic, but still easier than cast iron. Through its firmness kvarilovye baths provide a clear line in the design, without melt inherent in the usual moulded plastics. This is important if obkladyvaetsya bathroom tiles, beads can be minimized. News has already submitted to the Russian market the German firm Ukosan (Ucosan).

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