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Choosing a toilet and bidet

Унитаз и биде When buying bathtubs, sinks or washing many of us very dotoshny, trying to learn about future acquisitions as possible. When it comes to toilet or tub, behave differently : give eye conversation with the seller arrives at whispers, questions, at least. It is believed that those incredible detail and questioned indecent. You should, because of the choice of the product itself "everyday" subject and mood, and health, and family well-being. Therefore, casting aside shyness, it is important to understand that there should be choosing these subjects.

First. Decide how many have appliances. For owners of standard flats-all for the project. Typically, one toilet. If the size of toilet rooms, it can be more and bidet. And if it is not possible, but the toilet and bathroom walls separated, the additional (and the possibility of installing a bidet) can be obtained with a combination of the two rooms.
The flats upgraded typically provide more guest toilet, which is often not travelling bidet.

The cottages or apartments individual planning, it is all in the hands of the customer. Usually one to three comfortable guest toilet (one for each floor, including the basement or a basement room). Each provides a bedroom, often combined with a bathroom or shower.

Second. Depending on the material wealth or ambitions choose the material of which will be implemented toilet (bidet). They can be gold, glass, steel, plastic, iron, but more often than not-sanfarfor and sanitary. Regarding the latter, the question always arises as instruments of these materials differ? And why is the price of porcelain products was much higher than in the basins? The production of porcelain-more expensive, and therefore products produced in a number of indicators better. Excavated discern finished devices from sanfarfora and white difficult. Especially if glaze, which they met, both very good. The properties, albeit pottery and porcelain at different levels, the degree of porosity and therefore hygroscopicity. The porcelain, it is very small, the faience-a little more.

This affects, first, durable products (Strength, a contact base with icing), secondly, the ability of exclusion from the bowl of dirt, sit streak water, urea, etc. Third, the existence of pollution associated odours. However, the principle difference between porcelain basins and products not. Indeed, their service is so great that they are morally obsolete faster than destroyed. For basins, it is 30-40 years of porcelain-about 50-60. A renovation of the apartment interior renovation and equipment is on average 15 years. Perhaps the main difference is that the, as cheaper (worse) hollow, the more time and effort required to maintain it.

Choosing a toilet

Connoisseurs history argue that the current name for a toilet bowl, "toilet" - emerged from the Spanish company Unity (Unidad), one of the first mastered their production in the late XIX century.

Third. Now draw attention to the selection of toilets (bidet), in accordance with the sewer connections. To compound the problem cottage less significant because it is the designer. But with the repair and replacement of equipment, not providing options can be difficult. This is a toilet. It must conform to the issuance of sewage risers. Bidet (tub) for the construction of divided into horizontal, vertical and slashes (at an angle of 45 degrees). Before you go shopping, make sure to clarify this point. Those who have to choose sewer communication, it is useful to know that, as vertikalnee runoff is, the closer to the standpipe can be placed himself toilet. This is significant for small bathrooms.

Fourth. Pre-need to decide what would be the relative toilets and toilet tank. There are joint and separate accommodation. In joint-pail attached to the toilet in a separate box (breakfast) or directly to the shell toilets. The first design often called compact, the second-Monobloc.

When the location pail can be located at any level : a connection to the toilet by means of pipes. Usually such bins caught on the wall, or built into it. The latter often use the frame (frame), which also mounted toilet and toilet himself. Thus, the bowl can be displayed, rather than rely, as usual, on the floor.

Механизм слива Fifth. Equally important is a mechanism flushing toilets, which is located in the tank. The lion's share of troubles arise because of it : it starts leaking water and the bowl ryzheet of rust, then suddenly at the worst possible time stop working flushing, the reverse-flow water flows, not stopping. The reason for the failure of a few contemporary. Here are the most common. First, the lack of adaptation to the hard water, where a lot of impurities and particulates. To prevent problems at the appropriate place entering cold water in the flat and thin filters brutal treatment. Secondly, the plastic deformity, which is the foundation of the structure, which occurs most frequently, with a marked drop in water temperature in the tank, and the poor quality of the plastic. Thirdly, abrasion or aging pads and similar items. One way to avoid the problem is the discharge tank to choose a model with a simple design. In recent years, the West has come to fashion a cistern Two : If you click a button flows for flushing 6 or 8 litres of water, pressing another 2 or 4 litres. However, the periodically renewed campaign to change the Russian standard trash bins at the foreign-less. But the problem of excess water is (and long) Other, more easily and cheaply by-plant machinery, feed water, depending on the length of retention buttons (arm) of flushing. Before you buy toilet tank with a drain, check with practicing plumbing, a better mechanism. He can tell many interesting things that are not normally published. Unfortunately, so far are models of very well-known companies, which are, however, shortcomings, not to mention the numerous forgery. It is not unusual for foreign nachinyayut unidentified sanitary drainage mechanisms.

One of the signs of quality, along with reliability, noiseless his work, specifically a minimum noise of water which fills the pail after discharge.

Sixth. It is to draw attention to the distribution of water in the bowl with flushing toilets. To toilet obmyvalsya evenly and no smell, the flow of special rassekatelyami sent by the upper edge of bowl to its perimeter. If water does not reach all areas, the use of such toilets undesirable.

Seventh. We have come to the issues of greatest embarrassment buyers when dealing with the seller, namely : what internal structures are toilet bowl? What design prefer?

Select construction depends on two factors : the practicality and personal views on health and health related. By way of flushing devices are to horizontal, flat, flushing and vertical-deep. But despite such generic names, more convenient to subdivide the cup on a horizontal shelf ( "springboard"). If its place, it was necessarily a trench (drainage) front-, rear or both simultaneously.

Полочка-трамплин Polochka-tramplin designed to avoid a surge in the use of water. Until recently, such an unsteady structure often equipped toilets in most residential apartment buildings and institutions. Indeed, the boom is not a person because it has been happening during the flushing. But if a man is like toilet urinal, the poteki of spray on the walls of the toilet and traces drops his trousers at guaranteed. But the biggest trouble-smell. Especially when the toilet in the apartment next to the kitchen, and ventilation is poor. But the breakfast is very helpful. Of course, if the trip to the toilet (yes, readers will forgive me for Naturalism) will be some time before it, there is the smell. On the other hand, periodically monitor their excrement or excrement of their young children is not harmful. The availability of blood, worms, etc., to change the color, smell to the average person can identify irregularities in the body, thereby preventing the development of diseases such as stomach cancer, ulcers, gemorroy, jaundice and many others. I can tell other children, teach them to such observations.

The unsteady without polochki-tramplina, one way envelope surge waters are filled with a front and / or rear location. Recently, the market appeared appliances from the cup as usual funnel, without bias or with a small bias bottom openings. This voronkovidnaya structure, but to prevent a surge of nearly brings no trouble arising from the spray.

Select toilet should be based on how you prefer to sit on it : if closer to the front edge, the front runner, if the back-to back. Universal is toilet with the rear edges. Various models have different inclinations and gutters, so perfect comfort can be achieved only individual choice.

Furthermore, the strength of a surge depends on the depth of toilets and the construction of the water slide. The greater the distance from the upper outlet of the device to the surface of the water, the less perceptible surge. The more distance to the water, the less the depth of the closure, and thus may be less flushing.

Eighth. To select the toilet certainly feel his best, or, as another said - suit. Begin is to determine the height toilets. The choice depends on personal toilets centre of gravity of the user. And the centre, in turn, depends on growth and weight violations. If the device-public (including guest), his height is best to choose on the basis of the highest member of the family. Feel free to sit and close-stool test : legs slightly to rely on floor rather than depend. It would be a situation where muscle legs, pelvis, waist and abdomen as relaxed. Ideally, detainees and the lifting of toilets should be carried out only by moving the centre of gravity of the body.

Choosing a bidet

Part of that relates to the selection of bowls (choice of material from which it is made, construction output, means retention), and applies when selecting bidet. However, the plumbing device is removed, primarily for the purpose.

Биде A bidet appeared for the first time in France as a small shop for ladies, shrinking the sides. His name has come because flown on small legs and all device similar to a horse (in French "bidet", "horse"). The bidet nalivalas hot water and used for other purposes. With the advent of sewage and warm running water bath at the legs and was changed to become more like construction toilet. She came to the same type of discharge, which, unlike his colleague, made possible cork plug. The only other connections for water : not through the bottom and directly to the valve installed on the fence cup. Modern tub equipped with special faucets. The main difference from conventional adjustable-mixing of jets with rotating heads cotton.

Typically, a foreign invention is rarely without elaboration domestic yourselfers. As a result of the sale to a hybrid-toilet with bidet functions. That is a normal toilet at the special joint brackets mounted mixer or valves of hot and cold water. In terms of the notion of universality merit. But from the point of view of hygiene, a combination of undesirable, especially if the toilet is used as a urinal. And Bath breadth is not very good-too much.

In conclusion, a small board from personal experience, please do not hesitate to communicate with vendors, plumbers and other professionals, usually true professionals and always sound happy to talk about the details.

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