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Ремонт ванны    Зеркало Repair bath Mirror. Toiletries.

Mirror. Toiletries.

Over rakovinoy-umyvalnikom usually soft shelf for toiletries or cabinet with glass doors. Dish can be strengthened and some bath, it was easier to get ... Зеркало и туалетные принадлежности

In general, soap and other similar accessories to enhance device to a wall, cushioned tiles, because over time there is a need for replacement, and new openings under bracket is not always coincide with the long slaughtered plugs. The new openings and new plugs, and wall riddled with similarly losing appearance.

Of course, over the sink and the mirror should be, visually adding to the volume of space and allowing it is in the bathroom a spot. The upper edge of the mirror should be located at a height of not less than 170 cm. Usually overhead and fixed to the wall with screws. But you can drown it in the wall, which should be ordered mirror higher whole number of tiles tile suppose long-4 tiles, high-3, and when the 12 obkladyvanii wall tiles drown than others, putting them under a thin layer of cement mortar. Waging a mirror in a recess formed with the help of a glue strongly suggest, because of contact with a wet wall, and indeed, while in the humid atmosphere mirror Lisi spotted. In order to protect some amalgam of mirrors destruction moisture should on the back side mirrors to glue plastic sheeting.

A better and easier to install a mirror on the bathroom door from the inside. But, of course, you can hang in the bathroom and two mirrors : one of the bowls, the other at the door. So much so that the doors can hang a mirror of such magnitude to see a nearly full growth, which over the sink with all the desire not to do. And to strengthen the mirror surface of a wooden door is much easier - or drill holes in concrete do not need or cork knocking. And change, in which case, too much easier.

That mirrors what is the process of attaching to the surface of the door. Purchased the mirror attached to the right place to the door and pencil outlines its contour. Further, the relatively thin metal (it is still a) thickness of about 1 mm scissors to cut metal pieces (from 9 to 11 pieces) of approximately 25h10 mm, and then at a distance of 5 mm from the edge prosverlivayut or punched in a piece of a hole diameter of 2-3 mm. Now screwed up to 10 mm Fasten these strip close to the surface of the door so that more of a long strip was marked with the exterior contour of the mirror, and short, respectively, inside. Number prikruchivaemyh strips depends on the height of the mirror : if it is the height of 60 cm, with each side will consolidate its three stripes, if less-swallow two. The lower edge of the mirror will keep the same three stripes, which would bear the brunt of it, and the top two will be enough. Places in which vkruchivayutsya screws, prizhimayuschie strips to the door should be evenly placed within a defined outline at the door mirrors. Once the strips are screwed, mirror pristavlyaetsya into place (at that point, it is desirable that part two), and establishes a cap on the stripes.

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